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The Journey Begins!

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

"This is (not) the story of a small gaming startup's rise to glory."

The Shout out

Hello fine people of Earth! We are Gemini Studio's and we are just another startup on the block. It would be lovely to start things off by saying "Our journey in the gaming world is going to be extremely adventurous!" or "We journey across uncharted territory!". Sadly that is not the case. The world of games have come a long way in a short amount of time. The app stores are filled to the brim with numerous games being released every single day! The competition of being a gaming studio amidst the giants is also extremely steep. The most obvious question at this point would be "How would this studio sustain despite the odds?".

The Prologue

Gemini Studios was initially founded with the grand plan of making $$$ by developing AAA games for the console and PC market. After all, most of the Gemini team did go to school for game development. So a team of 3 huddled up, made a (concrete) plan, gathered our hardware/software resources, cracked open cans of red bulls and dug in to make the next "Halo". Well as you would expect, this plan crashed faster than a drunk person behind a wheel! We had no funding for a AAA game, neither did we have enough experience to make one. The team did so badly with communications that it made long distance relationships look better. It was definitely a massive hit to our confidence and we were definitely skeptical about Gemini's future in the cosmos. We literally just had our first failure and as some people would say "faced harsh realities".

The beautiful thing about life however is that it is full of choices. As scary as it was we eventually realized that one failure shouldn't mean anything and chose to ignore our skepticism for the time being. Based on our previous experience we decided to move forward and make small changes to avoid failure again. About two months ago a good friend of Gemini joined us on the journey. Along with him we earnestly started making plans for our next game. The stage was set once again and we started prototyping on the new concept furiously. Surprisingly this time around progress was much better than the last time (Apparently we do learn from our mistakes!). We ended up having a functional prototype that actually worked! Sadly that's where that heroic moment ends because the game just wasn't fun enough and it had to be dropped.

The Reboot

With two failures in our backpack we ask ourselves now "What is it that we are actually trying to achieve?"

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